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As a full-service Registered Investment Advisor, AIS has partnered with independent research firms and insurance brokers to offer our clients truly unbiased advice for all their planning needs.  This provides our clients with peace of mind that all AIS planning recommendations are void of any proprietary conflict.

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Auerbach Investment Services was founded by Kevin Auerbach, who has been in the financial services industry for nearly three decades.  Kevin has taught as adjunct faculty for the American College, runs copious training seminars, and has been an industry leader for nearly three decades.  At the heart of AIS is the idea that a successful plan requires more than just portfolio management.  He believes that it’s through a carefully curated team and in-depth leading analytics that he can create a robust financial plan for individuals and businesses alike.    


Come meet the AIS difference, where exemplary personalized attention is matched with rich forward-thinking research and strategies. 

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AIS has no proprietary trading desk, no underwriting relationships, and no soft-dollars or back-door financial incentives.  We feel these arrangements cloud an advisor's decision-making and, as a result, the advice given may not be in the best interest of the client.  Additionally, we avoid expensive and sometimes tax-inefficient mutual funds in favor of customizing your portfolio with individual stocks, ETFs, ETNs, MLPs, and in certain portfolios, options contracts.  We currently contract with numerous independent research firms who provide us with analysis in all major sectors of the world markets.  From their recommendations, AIS chooses the best holdings for its client's portfolio.

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The AIS Subscription Model breaks the traditional advisory relationship mold.  We understand that the 21st century has created a new wave of "do-it-yourself" investors.   However, “DIY” is dependent on mass media talking points that often significantly lag industry-level analytics.  Therefore, AIS has blended the best of both by creating a subscription-based service that allows individuals to choose from 3 "do-it-yourself" investment options:  Growth and Income, Metals, Miners and Energy, and Speculation.  When you subscribe to any, or all, of these services, you will gain access to 100% of the current holdings in the portfolio(s). 


You will also receive a weekly email from AIS, indicating the new buys and sells, as well as the firm's current investment outlook. Here, you are armed with information to put you in the driver's seat.  This is a non-discretionary, non-fiduciary service that gives you all of the control.   Additionally, there is a customization option to add AIS as a non-discretionary advisor onto your subscription if you need additional information on any of our portfolio holdings.  Truly an innovative model which is not prevalent in the advisory industry today.  Partnering together, we can help you make sound choices and take the guesswork out of DIY investing.  

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