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Align all of your investment elements

Work with a truly independent advisor who keeps you informed on the markets so you can make smart financial decisions.


We aren't beholden to any Wall Street firms and are committed to act in your best interest. Find out how we removed conflicts of interest decades ago. 



With various portfolios to match your risk, we are able to help our high-net-worth clients to achieve their long-term financial objectives.

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Investment Planning

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At AIS, we use individual stocks, bonds, ETFs, REITs, and U.S. treasuries to design our portfolios. We use option contracts with certain accounts.

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AIS Portfolios

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AIS has created our own model portfolios to accommodate the following objectives: Moderate, Growth, Equity Income, and Hedged portfolios.

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Independent Research

(unbiased advice)

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AIS contracts with independent research facilities who do not have a proprietary trading desk or underwriting agreements. Therefore, their recommendations are completely unbiased.

Research Team

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We are experts at customizing a strategy for each client's needs. 

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