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For those contemplating joining AIS, we urge you to go ahead and sign up for one our plans. This is going to be one of the best decisions you would ever make in your lifetime. AIS provides consistent and carefully vetted investment recommendations by our financial experts which is also based on the philosophy of low cost index fund investment.

Once you subscribe to any of the trading options, we will automatically add you to our subscriber list so you can receive trading advice as at when due. No hidden charges, no asset management fee, no extra fee whatsoever. Just the flat rate and you are good to go!

For customers who are not sure about their investment goals, we have an option to discuss with the founder himself and make appropriate investment decisions. This is one of the peculiarities of AIS, you will find this service under the Non-discretionary advisory option – so you really do not have to worry if you are not too familiar with the financial terminologies. The non-discretionary plan is a great option for an investor who wants to pick up their phone and have a dialogue with an expert on a current investment portfolio.

No one plays the observant role at Auerbach Investment services; we like to regard ourselves as a power team where everyone collaborates to deliver value to our clients. All AIS financial planners and advisors are on the same page which is one of the secret ingredients of the company.

We have had numerous people claim that when they first joined AIS, their expertise level with personal investment was limited and they have widened their horizon with us over the years. This is of the benefits of joining AIS apart from the flat rate you will enjoy.

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AIS is based on a unique investment advisory model and we offer the following: You can sign up for any of the newsletter below and start making expert financial decisions.

Growth with Income Portfolio


The Growth and Income Newsletter will provide information and opinions regarding individual stocks, ETFs, ETNs, preferred stocks, convertible stocks and other types of securities.


Metals, Miners and Energy Strategy


The Metals, Miners and Energy Newsletter will provide information and opinions regarding individual stocks and ETFs, as well as other types of securities.


Speculation Strategy


The Speculation Newsletter will provide information and opinions regarding individual stocks and ETFs, with a focus on speculative stocks for less diversified investment portfolios.